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Phuket Beaches Part 1


Few islands can boast of such an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters as Phuket. The winding coastal roads along the west coast of this 540-square-km island offer stunning views and easy access to some of the world's finest beaches. Whether one wants to sample the frenetic pace of Patong or find solitude on a remote stretch of sand in the north, Phuket's beaches have it all for the sun seeker. The monsoon rains of May-October can bring unpredictable swimming conditions, so heed the posted flag warnings.


For your safety please always check for the flags on the beaches which indicate if it is safe for swimming.
Green Flag = No Danger
Yellow Flag = Swimming is on your own risk
Red Flag = DANGER - swimming prohibit
Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is a large open bay with one of Phukets longest beaches. It was once used for tin mining, but has since been developed into a luxury resort. With the luxurious resorts and villas along its six km (four mile) stretch of beach just a few minutes' away from the town of Cherng Talay, where many villagers still make their living as their ancestors did - by fishing, farming and rubber tapping. The northern tip of the beach, so far untouched by development, is still an area where visitors might find that they have the beach to themselves. Apart from going to the beach and a few bars and restaurants there's not much that you need to leave your resort for.
Taking up a huge area in the middle of Bangtao beach,Laguna Phuket , one of Asia's largest resort complexes, comprises Sheraton Grande, Dusit Laguna, Laguna Beach, Allamanda, Laguna Holiday Club and Banyan Tree Phuket Resorts  and some are open to outside visitors as well.

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Chalong Bay

This island off Phukets south coast is so well known for its coral reef that it is often referred to simply as Coral Island. In addition to the splendid reefs there are two fine beaches on the north and west. Koh Hey is part of a marine preserve, but accommodations, restaurants, various water sports and diving are all available. Boats leave from Rawai and Chalong. Phukets principal boat anchorage and the islands largest bay. Ao Chalong has a long flat, shallow, muddy bottom; at ebb tide, waters recede as much as one kilometer. It is very picturesque but not for swimming. Most visitors to the islands south of Phuket depart from Chalong pier, and the bays restaurants are well known for their seafood. harters to various places can be arranged from there, and it is the center of the islands Yachting businesses. To get there take Jao Fah Tawan Tok Rd., or Jao Fah Tawan Okk Rd., to Chalong Circle. The pier and a number of restaurants are located on the short road leading to the beach from the circle. Package tours are also available.

Karon Beach
The second largest of Phukes principal tourist beaches. Large resort complexes line the road back of the beach, but the beach itself, 3 km long and broad, has no development. Just across a low hill to the north of Kata, the long white beach of Karon stretches magnificently with pines and palms standing tall over the rolling sand-dunes providing a unique scene. It is flourishing side by side with Kata Beach, but is more placid.The sea water here is clean and the sand is powdery. It is one of the best places for swimming, diving and sunbathing. You can come from Kata to Karon easily by road or by a path along the coast. The southern point has a fine coral reef stretching toward Kata and Poo Island. Restaurants, bars, tour companies and other non-hotel businesses are at the north end, near the traffic circle, and at the south, on the little road connecting the back road with the beach road. The narrow road between Kata and Karon has a number of small businesses as well as the Dino Park Mini Golf facility. Karon is the most up-scale of Phuket's beaches. Regular daytime bus service to and from Phuket Town. In the monsoon season it can be dangerous for swimming because of the currents so watch out for the red flags which are put up when it is to dangerous. The sprawling grounds of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and the Hilton Phuket Arcadia dominate much of the central part of Karon. Just north of these is Aroona Plaza which houses a range of handicraft shops, good restaurants and cafes, a few bars and a hotel modeled on the Sino-Portuguese architecture of Old Phuket. The wide beachside avenue is ideal for taking an evening stroll and doing some shopping.

Kata Beach

The smallest of Phuket's three main tourist beaches, Kata is different in appearance and style from Kata Beach, Karon Beach or Patong Beach.The beach itself is broad and curving, and structures bordering it are low–rise. The waters are perfect for swimming, and at the north end is a coral reef with many varied corals and fishes which stretches out toward Poo Island, about 1/2 km off shore.Kata is split into two focal areas: Kata Centre, which is at the northern end close to Karon and Kata South, home to several resorts.Visitors will find an abundance of shops to browse in, from souvenir and ready-to-wear outlets, to 7-Elevens and local mini-marts, to name-brand fashion stores. There is regular bus service to and from Phuket Town during daytime. From May to October surfers flock to catch Kata's waves and from November to April the beach is alive with sunseekers.

Kata Noi Beach
South of Kata is Kata Noi, a smaller beach with only a few hotels and little other development. The beach is superb. Many fish inhabit the rocks and corals along the beachless shoreline stretching south. To get there take the narrow beach road up over the hill from Kata.
Kalim Beach
This beach is really a continuation north of Patong beach, from which it is separated by some rocks. It is not yet developed and thus affords some privacy. The beach itself is a mixture of sand and small rocks. At the back of the beach are accomodations. The waters contain extensive coral reefs which you can reach by foot at low tide (you must wear shoes as some of the rocks are very sharp) The northern part is battled by monsoon winds and from June to September you might have some big waves suitable for surfing.
Kamala Beach
It is just 6 km. north of Patong. Kamala is named after the Muslim fishing village north of Patong. Tourist development on the beach much of which is covered by a Muslim graveyard and a police outpost has been slow in coming. Buffalo herds still come down to the beach to cool off in the afternoon. The beach is beautiful and about 2 km. in length. There are accoomodations ranging from guesthouse to international class, and a number of small Thai restaurants specializing in seafood for the tourist. Kamala is the perfect place to get away from it all and has little to offer in the way of entertainment - for that go across the mountains to Patong. There are no palm trees so shadow is only provided by some beach umbrellas you can rent. The Fantasea Phuket Themepark is located here which offers daily evening shows. Regular bus service to and from Phuket Town during daytime;tuk tuk service available to Patong, 5 km. away on the new road.


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