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Local Food In Phuket

Phuket is a food lover’s paradise. There are plenty of restaurants with various kinds of food to satisfy all tourists' tastes. Western and Chinese foods are available in tourist hotels and along some leading beaches, while local food, which is a fine blend of Thai, Malay and Chinese, can be found everywhere. However, local food restaurants and shops are available in larger quantity and at lower prices in Phuket town than at the beaches. Food stalls which sell a wide range of local food are available everywhere -- along the beach front, on the roadside or at the markets.

List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket


Phuket's Delicacies
Phuket has a number of special local dishes which are different from those of other parts of Thailand and visitors should not miss trying. Here are some of them.

Khanom Chin : Khanom Chinis Thai rice noodles normally eaten with curry soup made from minced fish or shrimps. Though it is available in any part of Thailand, khanom chin of Phuket has a richer flavour and is served with a greater variety and amount of fresh and preserved vegetables. It is also delicious when taken with beef curry or chicken curry. It is a typical breakfast for the local people.


Noodles : There are two styles of fried noodles which Phuket is proud to offer. One is mi hokkian or mi hun (Amoy noodles) which is fried with fresh shrimps, pork, shellfish and green cabbage. The other, originating in Sapam Village, is mi sapam with seafood and gravy on top.

Ho Mok : Ho Mok is steamed curried fish (or crab or other seafood) with vegetables held in a banana leaf or foil container. It should be eaten with steamed rice.

Namphrik Kung Siap : It is Phuket style hot shrimp paste sauce with sweetened crisp shrimps, eaten with fresh vegetables.

Curry : When talking about Thai curry, foreigners will probably think of chicken or beef curry only. If you are in Phuket, why not try Phuket's kaeng luang (sour curry with fish and vegetables), a popular southern curry with a peculiar taste.

Tao So : This is a small kind of moon cakes and a speciality of Phuket which tourists popularly buy and take home.

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